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The National Fire Protection Association estimates that an average of 500,000 pets are affected by house fires each year. Furthermore, every year, pets accidentally start nearly 1,000 house fires. So, in honor of National Pet Fire Safety Day, we’ve put together a list of steps you can take to help prevent and prepare for a fire as a pet owner.


Never Leave Your Pooch With Access To An Unattended Open Flame

Tails are great fire starters and paws are excellent at knocking candles onto floors, so it’s best to extinguish any flames before leaving the room.

Invest In Candle Alternatives 

Flameless candles, air freshener, or a wax melter can help ensure no accidents happen.

Invest In Stove Knob Covers

Treats left on top of the stove or on counters close by can be tempting! If your pup tries to steal one, they may accidentally turn on one of the stove knobs, creating a fire hazard.

Don’t Leave A Glass Water Bowl Outside On A Wooden Deck

The sun’s rays can heat glass bowls to a temperature high enough to cause flames on a wood surface. Plastic or ceramic bowls are safer options - maybe even our travel bowl

Secure Wires

Puppies love to chew, but if they get their paws on a loose wire they not only have a chance of hurting themselves but can also create the risk of a house fire.


If a fire does start in your home, there are steps you can take to make sure your pets have the highest chance of remaining safe.

Obtain A Pet Alert Window Sticker

These stickers alert emergency responders how many pets you have, so they can account for them, even if you’re not on the scene. 

Invest In Monitored Smoke Detectors

Your dog won’t be able to make the call to 911 if a fire starts when you're not home, but a monitored smoke detector that alerts emergency services as soon as it goes off will!

Make Sure Your Pets Are Microchipped And Wearing Identification At All Times

Emergency events can be stressful for pets and it isn't uncommon for them to run. Make sure they always have identification to ease any worries and aid in finding your pup during a time of chaos.

Include Your Pet In Your Family Emergency Plan

Taking a few extra minutes to discuss your pet when you’re building your family emergency plan can save confusion if an emergency event were ever to happen when you were at home.

Keep Your Pet's Leashes And Carriers By An Exit

Not only will this make it easier for emergency services to find your pooch in a rescue, but it will also ensure that they can be moved away from the fire quickly and safely.

Accidents happen, but having steps in place to prevent and prepare for them can limit how serious their impacts can be. If you have other questions concerning your pet’s safety please contact your veterinarian, as they will be able to advise you best. Stay safe!

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