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Americans love beer, and thanks to the explosion of craft beers, there’s no shortage of breweries in the US, especially in Oregon! And now, while you enjoy a beer, your dog can enjoy the byproducts of beer, thanks to our delicious brew biscuits and malt biscuits.

Spent Grains Harvested From Local Breweries
Don’t worry – there’s no alcohol or hops in our tasty dog treats, just spent grains from breweries, as well as other natural, human-grade ingredients.

When beer is made, the brewing process extracts the liquid sugars, proteins, and nutrients from the malt, leaving spent grain. Spent grain can be as much as 85% of a brewery’s byproduct, and an estimated pound of spent grains is generated for every six-pack of beer made, most of which is taken to landfill. The more beer that’s made, the more spent grain that’s left behind. Fortunately, this “waste,” which is rich in fiber and protein, can be dried and used as a replacement for flour.

Our Unique Process For Making Dog Treats With Spent Grains
Our spent grain dog treats are crunchy, yet easy to break into pieces and chew. The dog treats are also easy to digest, which is why senior dogs love the treats, and so do many dogs with sensitive stomachs. We hand roll and cut the spent grain dog treats, and then twice-bake them to create the perfect blend of light and crunchy.

Flavors Of Spent-Grain Dog Treats
We have spent-grain dog treats in the following flavors:

Dog Treats Subscription Service
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Our Commitment To Sustainability
Thanks to the use of spent grains, we consider our dog treats to be “sustainable.” We’re proud to upcycle the spent grain byproducts from breweries. The more spent grain we can use in our high quality dog treats, the less that ends up in landfills. At Portland Pet Food Company, as part of our commitment to sustainability, we also use local sourcing for most of our ingredients, and we use retort pouches for our dog food toppers.

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Please note: We also make three flavors of gluten-free and grain-free dog treats.

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