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PPFC’s team consists of a lot of dog people — but more importantly, a lot of awesome dogs! Meet our pack of furry sidekicks below. 

Winnie | Standard Poodle

Winnie the Poodle

Winnie joined the PPFC team in 2016 and is the CEP – Chief Executive Paw-fficer. When she’s not surveying the office to make sure that everyone is working hard, Winnie is at home resting for her next PPFC modeling gig.

Winnie's favorite activity is snuggling, and her favorite PPFC product is Rosie's Beef N' Rice. Though, as one of the founders of the company, she of course loves them all!


Mikey | Beagle 

Mikey the beagle

Mikey joined PPFC in 2020 and specializes in fetch. His experience includes snuggles, stealing food from the table, howling loudly, and pretending that he is the biggest dog in the room when he is really less than 25 pounds.  

Mikey's favorite activity is playing fetch or burrowing under any blanket he can find! His second favorite activity -- modeling for PPFC! His favorite PPFC products is Wally’s Salmon N’ Rice. One whiff of salmon and he goes crazy!

Frankie | Blue Heeler Mix 

Frankie the dog

Frankie is the newest member of the PPFC pack, having joined in December of 2020 as an 10-week-old puppy that stole everyone’s hearts immediately. A few weeks in, Frankie launched her career as a PPFC model, and we’re confident she’ll be a pro by her first birthday. 

Frankie's favorite activity is to chew on anything she can get her paws on. Her parents can’t wait until she grows out of her baby teeth! Though new to PPFC, she's already determined that Tuxedo's Chicken & Yams is her favorite product. In fact, you might find some pictures of her on our Instagram with her face halfway in a pouch!

Daisy | Mini Poodle

Mini Poodle

Daisy has been with PPFC since 2017 and has grown to know that she is a crucial member of the team, so she doesn’t feel the need to come to the office in a cheerful mood anymore. Thankfully, Daisy’s strengths do not include keeping her teeth, so her bite doesn’t hurt much!

Daisy's favorite activity is jumping and darting around the room after hearing the words “Breakfast” or “Dinner" -- particularly if one of those words involves her favorite PPFC product, Grandma Ada's Turkey & Yams. 

Pistachio | Blue Heeler Mix 

Pistachio joined PPFC in 2020 from Los Angeles, CA. A bit shy at first, once Pistachio warms up to people, she quickly impresses everyone with her jumping skills and ability to convince others to give her treats.

Pistachio's favorite activity is wrestling with her baby sister, Frankie. Her favorite meal to reenergize for the next wrestling match is Hopkins' Pork N' Potato, which gives her the protein needed to play as long as possible!

Triton | Husky 

Triton the husky

Triton joined PPFC in 2019 and has given the other office dog models a run for their money. With each eye a different color, the ability to talk back at humans, and a personality that leaves you wanting more, Triton is one of the coolest dogs on the block.

His favorite activity during the summer months is watching birds, but during the winter he prefers to play in the snow on Mt. Hood! His favorite PPFC product is Brew Biscuits with Bacon -- in fact, that's all he'd ever eat if he could!


Sophie | Mini-Dachshund 

Sophie the Dachshund

Sophie joined the PPFC team in 2017 and is an expert in being cute. With no teeth left, her strengths include testing out PPFC’s soft meals to ensure they are fit for aging pooches like herself.

Sophie's favorite  activity is chasing squirrels and running on the beach -- though an old lady, she’s still a puppy at heart. Her favorite PPFC product is Tuxedo's Chicken & Yams! She also loves the treats -- if only she had teeth to chew them!

JR | Dalmatian

JR the Dalmation

JR has been enjoying PPFC treats since 2015 and has since become a master of convincing his owners that he hasn’t eaten in days. When not begging for food, JR is “singing along” while his humans play the harmonica -- his personal favorite is Devils and Dust by Bruce Springsteen. 

JR's favorite activity is trail running with his mom and snuggling on the couch under a blanket post-workout. When not singing, sleeping, or running, JR enjoys eating his favorite PPFC course -- starting off with Hopkins' Pork N' Potato, followed by at least one Bacon Biscuit. 




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