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As responsible dog owners, it's essential to be vigilant about our furry friends' hydration, particularly during hot weather. Dehydration can have severe consequences for dogs if left unaddressed.

Recognizing the indicators of dehydration in dogs is vital for early intervention. People should keep an eye out for the following common signs of dehydration in dogs:

  1. Decreased Water Intake

  2. Dry Nose and Gums

  3. Skin Elasticity Test

  4. Lethargy and Decreased Activity

  5. Darker Urine and Decreased Frequency


*We teamed up with Brooklyn Yard Veterinary Hospital to provide you with accurate and reliable information on the signs of dehydration and effective tips to keep your pets properly hydrated during hot weather. Their expertise and collaboration have been instrumental in creating this informative blog post.

Continue reading for helpful tips on how to address and mitigate these signs of dehydration in your dogs!

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