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Back to school season — it’s rough on everyone, including your dog! As kids return to school and schedules gets back to normal, you might feel wistful for those lazy summer days by the river. 
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When school is in session, it's completely normal for dogs to experience some separation anxiety. Here are other tips to ease your pup’s nerves when the kids aren’t around to play.

1. Take your dog to soccer practice or other pet-friendly activities!

Extra-curricular activities can take a toll on family time and leave pets stressing at home alone for longer than usual. If possible, bring Fido along to relieve everyone’s stress! Maybe he’ll become the team mascot! 

2. Avoid emotional greetings and departures

Your doggo is part of the family and they pick up on vibes. Remember being a kid and knowing something is wrong without actually knowing what’s wrong? Your dog does that too, which makes it important to acknowledge their feelings. It can be hard to control your kid’s responses to going to school, but if you let your dog set the tone for that moment your kid gets home from school, it can be much more relaxing for everyone involved!

3. Make sure your pup gets lots of exercise. 

A morning walk may be exactly what you both need to relax before getting off to school. Exercise releases endorphins and your dog will pick up on your increased happiness. Nows the perfect time to drag yourself out of bed a little earlier and head to the park. Your dog will thank you.

4. Provide toys, treats and familiar scents.

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Get your dog a sturdy, interactive toy they can get some energy out on, like a stress ball but for dogs or buy them some special treats for mornings when they feel the most anxious after everyone leaves.If their connection with your kids is especially strong, give our dog a piece of fabric with your child’s scent embedded in it, like a t-shirt they just grew out of, can help your dog relax.

5. Get in the swing of things. 

You will adjust and so will your dog. These little hardships are a part of life, so give it time and soon some separation will become the new normal. That is, until next summer! 
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