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Share VanDervort joined PPFC in 2017 as Human Resource Manager. She also works as Relationship Manager for all vendors, including packaging and meal ingredient suppliers, distributors, brokers, and more. Share first met PPFC’s founder, Katie, while working as Division and Project Manager at Oregon Health & Science University in 1992. She later joined Katie and David at their first company, Academic Network. After a few years at Academic Network, she moved to New York and then to Southern California to work in roles across human resource, project management, and office management for a handful of public relations and entertainment firms before coming back to Portland to join PPFC. 

Favorite activity to do with her dog, Sophie: Going to the beach and watching her ears slap while she runs up and down the dunes. 

Favorite PPFC product: Rosie’s Beef N’ Rice! Sophie had all of her teeth removed and clearly enjoys eating Rosie’s more than anything else!