Meet the Team


Katie “Top Dog” McCarron founded this company to help her elderly standard poodle, Rosie. Rosie was showing all the signs of being an aging dog and had become very fussy about her canned food and could no longer eat kibble due to an injured mouth. Her weight loss became a concern so Katie started to research about natural human grade foods for dogs. She tried a few recipes found on the internet and then combined her own ideas into creating her own formulas. Thus, Portland Pet Food Company was started and she never looked back. Her quest led her to meet many people that had been making their own dog food at home too. In addition, her past experience with human food labeling and nutrition provided her a solid background as she researched and consulted experts on her formulas. Portland Pet Food Company looks to provide the cooking, local delivery, variety, and quality that people were seeking without the hassle of cooking meals at home! Most importantly, Rosie started eating, gained some weight, and got a bounce back in her step. Happy pets make happy owners.


Matt “Under Dog” McCarron joined Portland Pet Food Company after graduating from Williams College in June 2014. While taking the year off before going to Keck Medical School at USC, he decided he wanted to help his mother, Katie, get this business started. He has been impressed by his own dogs’ response to a homemade diet,and looks forward to sharing Portland Pet Food Company’s amazing benefits with others. Matt continue's his role with PPFC as he pursues his medical education.
Maggie “Star Dog” McCarron joined Portland Pet Food Company while attending New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She joined her family when on breaks from college and at trade shows through out the year. Now graduated she has returned to full time at the family business. She loves getting to meet all owners and their pups when out and about! 
David "Hound Dog” McCarron has been the delivery man and cheerleader for his wife's start up. You can find him on any given day making multiple trips on behalf of Portland Pet Food Company while juggling his career in Nutrition Sciences. He is an internationally recognized authority on the role of dietary nutrients in cardiovascular disease. After decades battling American dietary restrictions, conducting large clinical trials on nutrition and consulting for some of the largest food manufacturers he brings experience on the human food debate to the pet food world!