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Lisa Gossett joined PPFC in 2019 as Operations Manager after gaining over three decades of experience in retail food operations. In her role, Lisa oversees the production of all PPFC products and production staff. Additionally, she is responsible for forecasting product and packaging needs, ensuring that all orders are shipped in a timely manner and maintaining accurate inventory records. Lisa wears a lot of hats, but her top responsibility is managing PPFC’s baking and production team to ensure that the company always delivers great customer service, quality products, and on-time delivery of orders at the lowest possible price. Prior to joining PPFC, Lisa worked at Albertsons, where she started as a General Merchandise Manager and worked her way up to Store Director. In 2002, she began working as Category Manager over 140 stores in the Northwest. When Supervalu acquired Albertsons, Lisa had the opportunity to become a Black Belt in Six Sigma and partnered with the executive team to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. In 2018, Lisa started a new role at Jacent Inc. as the West Coast Regional Operations Manager covering five territories, where she worked until joining PPFC. 

Favorite Portland activity to do: Cycling! Portland has the most friendly roads for cycling. 

Favorite PPFC product: Gingerbread biscuits! She loves the way it makes the kitchen smell like the holidays!