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Human grade meals made with 100% USA sourced ingredients.

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Cat Meal Variety Pack (12 Pouches)

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100% of Owners Satisfied with Quality of Ingredients

Whole foods make the nutrients more bioavailable - great for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Over 95% of Cats Satisfied with Texture & Taste

A smooth purée that is beloved by even

the pickiest of pets.

A Whole Foods Approach to Cat Food.

Chicken or Salmon as the 1st Ingredient

High-quality proteins provide antioxidants beneficial to the immune system, heart, brain, eyes, and coat. Naturally contains Taurine (an amino acid necessary for cats) promotes normal heart function, reproduction, and vision

Pumpkin is Perfect for Eliminating Smelly Litter Boxes

Full of fiber for digestive health, and an excellent source of vitamin A, beta-carotene (an essential antioxidant), potassium, and iron.

Whole Eggs

Contain a total of 27 vital elements including: calcium & microelements magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, sulfur, silicon, and zinc. And an excellent form of digestible protein containing riboflavin and selenium.

I have an old lady and a spring chicken and they both cleaned their bowls. :)

You and your cat will love it! 

Here's why...

All it takes is a pouch!

High in moisture and protein to help fill your cat's needs.

Truly fresh, human-grade food.

You'll never find a hidden dropdown bar to expand our full label - just natural ingredients you'd find in your own kitchen. Our human-grade meals are packed with nutrition to improve your cat's health.

Ultra convenient + Flexible

Store these slim pouches wherever you have space - no more dealing with crowded freezers. Plus, receive free shipping on every order over $40.

Good cats get special treats.