Portland Pet Food Company's full lineup of human-grade, wet dog food toppers designed for senior dogs.
Portland Pet Food Company's full lineup of human-grade meals and meal mixers made for senior dogs.

Meals Designed For Senior Dogs

We know what it's like to have a senior dog. In fact, Portland Pet Food meals were created for a senior dog, Rosie, who had fallen ill and lost her appetite at the age of 14. PPFC helped reinvigorate her, and she thrived for another 2.5 years! We have countless testimonials like our own experience, which we believe makes us the best dog food topper, meal mixer, and rotational meals for senior dogs.  

An older dog enjoying a bowl human-grade meal from Portland Pet Food

Thoughtfully Made

  • Human-grade ingredients make our meals tail-waggingly tasty. Even picky dogs love the taste!
  • Soft, wet products makes it easy to chew and digest
  • Flexible servingallows you to use our meals as a topper, meal mixer, or rotational meal
  • We gently-cook our meals making them easy to digest and better for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs

A senior dog enjoying a bowl of Portland Pet Food Company's healthy, wet dog food topper.

Tail-Wagginly Tasty

  • Made exclusively with high-quality, human-grade ingredients that even picky dogs love!
  • Soft, wet products makes this great for older dogs with sensitive teeth
  • Flexible serving allows you to use our meals as a wet dog food topper, mixer, or rotational meal

Natural Nutrition

  • Ingredients are sourced from local farms we have vetted and trust
  • Meals are gently-cooked to preserve the nutritional value unlike traditional high-pressure processing
  • Your dog will love the taste of real, whole foods in its diet, and you will love the simplicity
Reviews from senior dogs who loved Portland Pet Food meals.

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Several different ways you can use Portland Pet Food's human-grade meals to support senior dogs.

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