All five varieties of Portland Pet Food's dog food toppers and mixers made for picky dogs
All five of Portland Pet Food Company's human-grade dog meals designed for picky dogs.

Meals Designed For Picky Dogs

We know what it's like to have a picky dog and how much of a struggle mealtime can be. We designed our meals to be perfect for picky dogs; the mouth-watering aroma and tail-waggingly tasty ingredients come together to make the best dog food topper or mixer to entice your picky pup!
A picky dog enjoying a bowl of Portland Pet Food Company's meals designed for picky eaters.

Ingredients You Could Eat!

We exclusively use the highest quality, human-grade ingredients in our meals and dogs love it! 
Even the most discerning dogs get excited for our meals because they can smell and taste the difference. It's like feeding them from your table - just without any of the bad habits!

Simple, Natural Nutrition

Our meals are gently-cooked to lock in the great taste and maximize the nutritional value from all of our ingredients - unlike traditional high-pressure processing that eliminates the majority of the nutrients. The result is the best meal for your dog; your pooch will love the taste, and you will love the natural, whole-food nutrition your pooch is getting!
We keep our ingredients simple. We never have any additives, synthetics, or ingredients other than simple products you'd find in your own pantry. 
A sampling of five star reviews from picky dogs who love Portland Pet Food Company's wet dog food.

Try a spoonful, or go for the whole pouch!

Examples of how you can use our dog meals as a topper, mixer, or rotational meal.
Examples of how you can use our human-grade dog meals as a mixer, topper, or rotational meal.

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Our meals were first created for a picky senior dog, but are now loved by dogs all over!

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