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Alex Bittner joined PPFC part-time in 2019, where his primary role was to research and purchase ingredients for the fresh meals. It wasn’t soon after that Alex began lending a hand in production and became a crucial member of the team. Alex helped adapt and implement new ways of getting product out the door efficiently, and he was soon promoted to Production Lead. In 2020, PPFC continued to grow and with it, so did Alex’s responsibilities and job title. In November of 2020, he was named Warehouse and Logistics Lead. Today, Alex manages two locations and a growing team, where they produce and get product out the door. Prior to joining PPFC, Alex lived in Madrid, where he taught English in a primary school, before moving back to his hometown of Portland.


Favorite activity to do in Portland: Vinyl shopping.

Favorite PPFC product: It’s important to taste what you’re making, right? In that case, Bacon Brew is my favorite.