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Made with 8 Simple ingredients

3 Reasons to Include Portland Pet Food Company in Your Cat's Diet

For decades cats have been ignored by the pet food industry...we are here to change that. We have spent years crafting the perfect meal for your feline family.

Low-phosphorus Ultra hydrating Human-grade Protein rich No additives or preservatives Ready to serve 100% USA ingredients

As Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Ingredients with real benefits

Cats have very specific needs, which is why we have crafted meals that are over 80% single source animal protein, contain natural taurine, and are low in phosphorus.

Palatability you wouldn't believe

A texture even the pickiest of cats cannot resist. Finely minced, perfectly blended in a hydrating broth that entices cats to get a healthy amount of hydration and protein. Feed it on the side or on top of kibble.

Allergen and litter box friendly

8 real, whole food ingredients that are gentle on their stomach making litter box clean up easy. Pumpkin provides healthy, digestible fiber. No additives or preservatives that stink up the litter box.

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Cooking for you since 2014

Meet the McCarrons

It all began with Katie McCarron’s love for her poodle, Rosie. At 14 years old, Rosie had lost her appetite and her health was in decline. Katie tried endlessly to get Rosie to eat by researching the pet food industry, uncovering what was really in Rosie's food. Determined to bring Rosie back to her old self, she started cooking Rosie’s food with the same fresh, wholesome ingredients she was feeding the rest of the family. When the family cat, Boots, began losing weight rapidly Katie made her the same style of meals. Boots and Rosie thrived and lived another three years, inspiring Katie to found Portland Pet Food Company with the goal of bringing the same fresh, real food nutrition to pets everywhere.