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designed for picky eaters

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Katie's senior dog Rosie stopped eating any brand of dog food. She tried everything, to no avail. So Katie McCarron created Portland Pet Food, and Rosie started eating.

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Created to solve eating struggles

After 14 years of being a picky poodle, Rosie's eating became such a struggle that the vet gave her only 6 months to live. With a snowstorm approaching and Katie out of options, she cooked the meal that would become Rosie's Beef N' Rice for the very first time. And Rosie ate.

Say goodbye to mealtime mess

Feeding fresh doesn't mean it has to be frozen. Simply open & serve your pet fresh, gently-cooked meals without the hassle of thawing, making room in your freezer, or feeding kibble. We are designed to make meal time easy for you! 

We are a partner you can trust

Reading your dog's food label shouldn't be science. We keep things simple with 11 or fewer real food ingredients, that you can actually know. We proudly make all of our products in the USA using only ingredients that are grown/sourced/processed from local farmers and suppliers we trust.

Human-grade meals Dogs love them Ready to serve 100% USA Ingredients

"My dogs have always absolutely loved it. We first tried it because we found it at our local Whole Foods and then started to order directly from PPFC. Definitely 5 star quality food AND 5 star quality people working there!"

- Kristin S, Feb 2024

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Meet the McCarrons

It all began with Katie McCarron’s love for her poodle, Rosie. At 14 years old, Rosie had lost her appetite and her health was in decline. Katie tried endlessly to get Rosie to eat by researching the pet food industry, uncovering what was really in Rosie's food. Determined to bring Rosie back to her old self, she started cooking Rosie’s food with the same fresh, wholesome ingredients she was feeding the rest of the family. Rosie thrived and lived another three years, inspiring Katie to found Portland Pet Food Company with the goal of bringing the same fresh, real food nutrition to pets everywhere.