Meals - Just the Pouches

Rosie's Beef N' Rice Meal Pouch
$ 6.99
Tuxedo's Chicken & Yams Meal Pouch
$ 6.99
Hopkins' Pork N' Potato Grain & Gluten-Free Meal Pouch
$ 6.99
Grandma Ada's Turkey & Yams Grain & Gluten-Free Holiday Meal Feast
$ 6.99
Wally’s Salmon N’ Rice Meal Pouch
$ 6.99

This is Real Food.

Ingredients You Could Eat

Gently cooked, ready-to-serve human-grade ingredients that dogs can't get enough of.

100% USA-Sourced and Made

Made with local meats, vegetables, and grains from partners we trust. No mystery ingredients. Ever.

Ethical and Sustainable

Ethically sourced ingredients, quarterly donations, and Earth-Friendly, BPA-free packaging.