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Last weekend, we debuted our two frozen meals at the Portland Pet Expo. Both Rosie’s Beef n’ Rice and Tuxedo’s Chicken & Yams were met with rave reviews from dogs and owners alike, even the pickiest eaters devoured our free tasting samples. Many owners bought product right on the spot after their dog gave our samples a try, a true testament to the power of high quality, natural ingredients. As we grow from here, we hope all of you will grow with us!

Please note: Portland Pet Food Company products are available in more than 1,000 stores nationwide. Our natural, healthy dog food toppings and natural, healthy dog treats are great for senior dogs and dogs who are picky eaters. We have gluten-free dog food toppings and treats in a variety of flavors. All our dog food products are available to order through our flexible dog food toppers subscription service.

We have cat food, too! In 2022, we introduced two delicious flavors of fresh, gently cooked cat food: chicken and pumpkin cat food and salmon and pumpkin cat food.

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