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Whether you’re new to Portland Pet Food Company, or are looking for new ways to feed your dog’s favorite fresh meal, we’re here to help! There are a handful of ways you can feed PPFC, from a rotational meal to a mixer or topper, but no matter how you choose to feed it, your pup will reap all the benefits that fresh has to offer. Below we’ve explored each one — with some serving size recommendations as well! 

Serving PPFC As A Rotational Meal 

A great way to serve PPFC's meal pouches is as a rotational meal — but what is a "rotational meal" for dogs? Rotational meal just means that you’re mixing up your dog’s diet, not feeding them the same food every day. By mixing up the proteins, fruits, and vegetables that are going into your dog’s diet, your pooch will be exposed to a broad variety of vitamins and minerals, which improves their gut and overall health. 

Rotational meals look different for every dog owner — some rotate their dog’s meals daily or weekly, while others may change up their kibble every few months. Whatever you choose, getting your dog variety in their diet goes a long way for their health — even if you’re just rotating their main protein source! 

While some rotational diets require consistent transitional periods between different foods, PPFC’s meals were designed to make rotational feeding as easy and affordable as possible — simply add our meal pouches to your dog’s existing bowl! This way, you can ensure they are getting a well-rounded source of vitamins and minerals without necessarily changing up their entire diet every week. The best part? Once your dog has transitioned to one of our pouches, they are good to start eating the other flavors. No need to follow a slow transition each time, unless you’re changing up the other items in their bowl. 

To serve PPFC meals rotationally based on a dog being fed twice a day, we’d recommend following the serving chart below. 

Serving PPFC Dog Meals As A Mixer

One of the most common ways that pet owners serve PPFC meals is as a mixer, because it’s a great, healthy way to entice picky eaters while adding whole food nutrition and variety. In fact, PPFC’s recipes were developed with a picky eater in mind! In 2014, when Founder Katie McCarron’s senior dog, Rosie, stopped eating, she struggled to find anything that Rosie wouldn’t turn her nose up at. Finally, as a last resort, she began cooking for Rosie at home — and it worked! Today, we use the same recipes that Rosie loves to help picky eaters around the world enjoy mealtime. 

To serve, just mix a PPFC pouch (based on the serving suggestions below) into their kibble, and voila, your dog will eat their kibble in no time! However, for the pickiest of eaters, we’ve designed a meal pouch that is microwaveable. Just a few seconds in the microwave, and your dog won’t be able to resist the tempting smells of warm, fresh food being mixed into their kibble. 

Many dog owners serve PPFC as half of their dog’s caloric intake based on the below chart. Of course, always be sure to consult your veterinarian to ensure your dog’s nutritional needs are being met! 

Serving PPFC Dog Meals As A Topper

Dog food toppers are ideal for those who want to give their dog the benefits of a fresh diet without serving fresh food exclusively. Whether you’re exclusively topping with PPFC or varying their bowl with a handful of toppers (a scoop of PPFC, a spoonful of raw, some freeze dried pieces, etc.) the goal is the same — to keep your dog healthy!  

With PPFC’s meal pouches, simply put a scoop of our products on top of your dog’s existing bowl. Then, you can rest assured that your dog is getting the health benefits of a fresh diet.

To serve PPFC meals as a topper, we’d recommend following the serving chart below. 

Other Ways To Serve PPFC 

Though serving as a rotational meal, topper, and mixer are the most common methods for feeding our pouches, there are a few other ways for your dog to enjoy our fresh products! 

Camping/Vacation Meal 

PPFC's meal pouches are not considered full & balanced by AAFCO, so although you should speak with your vet before serving exclusively PPFC 100% of the time, you can certainly stick to our pouches in a pinch or when out adventuring. 

Our meals are shelf stable for two years until opened, so they are perfect for tossing in your backpack or suitcase — no need to take up precious cooler space! After a long day of hiking or being on the road, a full serving of PPFC will give them the nutrients needed to recover, rest, and get ready for another day of adventuring! 

To Give Medication 

Our meals are perfect for hiding pills from even the most suspicious of dogs. Simply scoop one of our soft meals into your palm, stick the pill on top, and form the food into a ball around it. Here are all of our best tips for homemade pill pockets.

To Keep Your Dog Entertained 

All five of our meals are great for stuffing a Kong (or similar toy) for your dog’s enjoyment. To add a few extra minutes to the activity, prepare the toy in advance by freezing it overnight — making it extra hard for your dog to get the delicious food out! They’ll be entertained and happy for hours. 

No matter how you serve PPFC, your dog will love it, and you’ll love knowing that they’re getting so many natural health benefits out of it. With five fresh meals featuring turkey, pork, chicken, beef, and salmon, your dog will thrive on different vitamins and minerals with each pouch. 

To ensure you never run out of our fresh meals, sign up for our dog food toppers subscription service at no additional cost — in fact, you’ll save 25% off your first order, then 10% off every order after that. Not quite ready to commit to a subscription? No worries, order our variety pack for a chance to try all of our meals first. 

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