6 Benefits of Doggy Daycare

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  • Doggy Daycare keeps them safe
  • Belly scratches galore!
  • Lessens separation anxiety
  • It will tire them out
  • It brings you peace of mind
  • Dogs need socialization
Been considering some extra care for your pup? It may elicit an eyeroll from some, but there are actually many benefits of doggy daycare.

Doggy Daycare keeps them safe

Consider it like childcare. It's a safe place to bring your pup to get care throughout the day, where they can have playtime, cuddles and even naps!

Belly scratches galore!

Dogs love receiving tender loving care, and people who run doggy daycares love to give them that TLC! You can be happy knowing while that you’re away, your dog is getting their fill of belly rubs and head scratches.

Lessens separation anxiety

They will also never be lonely! When you leave your pup home alone all day, they can get destructive to work out their separation anxiety. Ever said goodbye to your favorite pair of shoes before?

Don't forget to pack their fave lunch

It will tire them out

Plenty of space, toys and friends at doggy daycare will tire out your dog. When you get home, they'll be ready to curl up, rather than having all-night zoomies.

It brings you peace of mind

Speaking of home: another benefit of doggy daycare is you won't have to allow strangers into your house to take them on walks. Plus, peace of mind comes from knowing your dog is in a safe environment and that you don’t need to rush home to let them out. No more worrying about if your dog is hungry or has to pee when you’re stuck in traffic!

Dogs need socialization

Remember, dogs are pack creatures and need a lot of socialization. The younger you start socializing your pup with other dogs, the better off they'll be. They will be more practiced in playing with strange dogs after their time in doggy daycare.

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