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If you’ve been looking for a fresh cat food delivery service, look no further!

We’ll deliver healthy, natural, fresh cat food toppers to your door, in the quantities you want, on your schedule.

With our delivery service, you can save 25% off your first order and 10% off all subsequent orders. The fresh cat delivery service is easy to set up, change, and cancel. We make it as simple as possible to change an order, skip a delivery, change the schedule, or even cancel your subscription.

When it comes to cat food, pet food companies have different definitions of “fresh,” but here’s what we mean…

Fresh ingredients: Our cat food toppers are made in the USA, with fresh ingredients. Many of the fresh, healthy foods that go into our cat food toppers are locally-sourced, from the Pacific Northwest, near our headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Human-Grade, Whole Foods: We only use human-grade, whole foods. These fresh foods meet USDA standards for human consumption. We never use feed-grade products or byproducts.

Limited Ingredients: Read the label on our fresh cat food toppers, and you’ll recognize the ingredients, which are foods you might feed yourself. However, nearly as important as the fresh foods we use to make our delicious toppers are the ingredients left out. You’ll never find any additives, preservatives, supplements, synthetics, or artificial coloring or flavoring. Because of this, the fresh cat food toppers are especially good for senior cats, picky eater cats, and cats with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Low-Phosphorous And Low-Carb: Our cat food is low in phosphorous, which makes it great for cats who have kidney disease or are prone to it. Also low-carb, the food is good for cats who have or are prone to diabetes.

Our cat food toppers are available in two tasty flavors:

You can use mix these wet cat food toppers with dry kibble, add them to wet food, or serve them as an occasional meal.

If you have any questions about our fresh dog food toppers delivery service, please e-mail

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