Frequently Asked Questions

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About Our Ingredients

All of our ingredients come from U.S. farms and businesses that align with our mission of following ethical and sustainable practices. Our fresh, human-grade meat comes from Oregon-based farms, Cascade Natural Meats and Carlton Farms.The flour we use in our biscuits comes from Bob’s Red Mill, and our upcycled spent grain comes from both Laurelwood Brewery and Deschutes Brewery.

There is not! Our meals consist only of whole meat, 100% fit for human consumption from USDA-approved facilities. 

There is no beer or alcohol in our treats. Our grain is removed after the sugaring process and before any hops are added. Learn about our sustainable spent grain treats here.

There are no hidden ingredients in any of our products. The only ingredients in our meals and treats are the ones listed on the back of the packages. No mysterious 'nutrient blends' or hidden lists of ingredients.

Serving Suggestions

Portion size varies with your dog’s age, size, and activity level. If you’d like additional help, please reach out to us directly in the chat box, or via email or phone. We would be happy to discuss with you!

We don’t make age or weight classification claims and think our products are healthy for all dogs. However, we’d recommend that you consult your vet to make sure that your puppy gets all of the vitamins and nutrients needed to grow big and strong! If you’d like additional help, please reach out to our team in the chat box on our site, or via email or phone.

When your pet transitions to any new food, it’s best to introduce it slowly so that they don’t experience any unwanted side effects, such as an upset stomach. The best method to transition is to gradually mix in an increasing amount of the new product with the old over a period of time until your pet is 100% transitioned. A simple guide is to replace 25% of the old food with the new one, then take away an equal amount of the old each week until your dog is fully transitioned. 

Our meals are just shy of the nutrients and vitamins that the American Association of Feed Control Official requires in order to be “full and balanced.” However, many people have been only feeding Portland Pet Food Company to their pet with no issues. We’d recommend speaking with your vet about what’s best for your dog!

Order Information

COVID-19: All carriers are experiencing delays. We highly recommend having enough food for a week while waiting for a shipment.

Once an order leaves our facility, you will have received an email with a UPS or USPS tracking number, if you cannot find this email please check your junk mail. That number can be used on the corresponding website to check on the delivery status. 

If the tracking says delivered and you haven’t seen it, we’d recommend checking anywhere that a package may be found -- on the back porch, in the mailbox, at your neighbor’s house, etc. If you haven’t found your package within 48 hours, please file a claim with UPS or USPS and then message us your claim number.

Sorry to hear that PPFC was not a good fit. We cannot accept any returns of unopened or opened product due to the safety of our food products. There are no refunds on orders once they have been shipped, we hope you understand this is for the safety of your dog and others. We recommend donating any unopened product to a shelter, food bank, or dog in need.

Please handle all returns with point of purchase directly.

Subscription Details

While you do have a subscription, your account was never set up. When you placed your first order you received an invite to create an account. The email collection for the order is separate from creating an account. Since your account was never verified that is why you are getting an error message. Please look in your inbox or reach out to our team and we can resend the invite to set up your account so that you can access.

Please log into your account (found in the top right corner of our site) and from there you can manage how many items you receive, when you get them, if you need them earlier or later, or if you wish to cancel all together. Make sure you make changes as soon as you get your notice 3 days before you are billed. Once your order is run our team fulfills immediately and we cannot make any further changes.

Please follow a checkout process for your new item. Selecting how many and how often you wish to receive this order. Then please reach out to our team and we can merge your new item subscription to your current one. Please do NOT add a new item in your account settings, this will not trigger the re-ocurring discount on this item.