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Add variety and flavor to your dog’s diet with our shelf stable homestyle meals/meal toppers. With five varieties, these 100% natural, USA sourced and made, ready-to-eat homestyle dog meals can be used as a rotational meal, meal topper, kibble mixer or soft treat.  Our meals are great for picky eaters, and senior dogs.  Also great for travel - anywhere you and your furry sidekick are headed!

Please note: In addition to dog food toppings that are great for senior dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs, we also have healthy dog food treats and biscuits, including gluten-free dog food treats.


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Our 100% sourced and made dog biscuits are sustainable, natural and delicious. We repurpose spent grains for our line of brew biscuits, meaning there’s no alcohol in your dog’s treats, but they’ll feel as satisfied as a human having a micro-brew at a local brewery. All of our biscuits are twice-baked in the oven to create a light crunchy texture that's easy to chew or break into smaller pieces.  Grain and Gluten-Free options also available!

Please note: In addition to dog treats and biscuits that are great for senior dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs, we also have healthy dog food toppings, including a pork and potato gluten-free dog food topping and a turkey and yams gluten-free dog food topping.


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Does your dog have a sensitive stomach, itchy skin and/or an intolerance for wheat? We have dog food toppings and treats that are 100% grain-free and gluten-free. Our gluten-free dog food toppings come in two tasty flavors, and our gluten-free dog treats come in three delicious flavors. We also have packs available.

All of our toppings and treats are made in Portland, Oregon, with natural, healthy products that are sourced in the United States. Loved by most dogs, our dog food toppings and treats are especially good for senior dogs and picky eaters.


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Portland Pet Food Company is a lifestyle that starts with feeding your best friend the best ingredients possible and ends with rocking PPFC gear with pride! We hold our standards high for everything PPFC, which is why our gear is all made in the USA and eco-friendly.

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Our packs and gift boxes make great gifts and surprises for any furry friend of yours! Give the gift of Portland Pet Food Company.