Senior Dogs And Nutrition

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Proper nutrition is important for all dogs but as they age, eating well and getting nutrients every day become more important.

What Age Constitutes A Senior Dog?
Dogs, just like people, tend to age at different rates. In general, large breed dogs that are older than five are considered “senior dogs.” Smaller breed dogs are considered “senior” when they’re older than eight.

Weight Loss In Senior Dogs
It’s typical for dogs to lose weight as they age, gradually or all at once. The most common causes of weight loss in older dogs are:

  • Loss of muscle mass.
  • Trouble absorbing and/or digesting food.
  • Dental issues (with teeth, gums, or both.)
  • Illnesses or underlying health problems.
  • Loss of appetite.

Loss Of Appetite In Senior Dogs
A loss of appetite in senior dogs often comes about when their senses of taste and smell fade. The next thing you know, you might have a picky eater dog on your hands. To get senior dogs eating well again, you can try another flavor, a new brand of dog food, and/or add dog food toppings to their meals.

At Portland Pet Food Company, we offer delicious, healthy, nutritious dog food meals or toppings in the following flavors:

Portland Pet Food Company Began Because Of One Senior Dog
While dogs of all ages love our dog food toppings and dog treats, Portland Pet Food Company was founded in 2014 because of a beloved senior dog.

When founder Kate McCarron’s senior dog Rosie was unable to eat regular dog food, Kate began to read dog food labels. The more she researched the nutritional values of commercial dog food, the better Kate understood what was going on. Most dog food manufacturers include ingredients that come from rendered animals and need to be cooked at high temperatures in order to kill off bacteria.

In the process of killing off the bacteria, most of the nutritional value of the ingredients is also destroyed. To compensate, dog food manufacturers add back in vitamins and supplements, most of which are synthetic. It’s no wonder senior dogs (as well as younger dogs) can have trouble eating many of the most well-known dog food brands.

Healthy Natural Ingredients That Senior Dogs Love
In order to get Rosie eating well again, Kate decided to develop her own dog food toppings and treats made only from healthy, natural, human-grade ingredients. Today, as always, all of the ingredients in our products are sourced in the U.S. Most come from suppliers in the Northwest, which is where we’re located. Read one of our dog food labels or dog biscuit labels, and you’ll be familiar with all of the ingredients.

In addition, our dog food toppings are soft, which makes them easy to chew for senior dogs. They can be used as a meal, topping, or treat, and the food comes in pouches, great for travel.

Portland Pet Food Company products are available in more than 1,000 stores nationwide. You can also order online and/or set up a dog food subscription.

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