Top Dog Dads, Ranked Worst to Best

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Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dog dad… With Father's Day coming up, we ranked the best dog daddies, both canine and human 🐶


#7 Melvin Udall

Jack Nickleson’s character in As Good as it Gets may start off as a curmudgeonly writer, but when Verdell the Brussels Griffon lands on his doorstep, he grows to care for this adorable pup as a foster dog dad, as well as appreciate the people around him who make his life complete.


#6 Tramp

After a rocky romantic journey, well-kept cocker spaniel Lady, and mutt Tramp start a family of four puppies.  Not only does tramp take care of the puppies, he also helps his adoptive family with their baby!


#5 Pongo

This laid-back and goofy dalmatian is the father of 15 puppies- he may lose them to Cruella de Ville, but then he gains 85 more! Talk about being a father!


#4 John Legend

Father of two dogs and two young children, Chrissy Teigen's man is one legend of a dad!


#3 Air Bud aka Buddy

After making a name for himself in the town of Fernfield, Buddy becomes the father of five puppies, who courageously go on to live out many adventures in the movie Air Buddies.


#2 Barack Obama

From the White House lawn to his days after the white house, former President Barack Obama has spoiled family dogs Bo and Sunny with fatherly love.


#1 Beethoven

In Beethoven’s 2nd everyone’s favorite St. Bernard falls in love with fellow canine Missy, starting a family that Beethoven goes to great lengths to protect, making him the number one rad dog dad in lots of sequels!


There are some awesome dog dads in the world, and chances are you know one too!

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