Three Resolutions That'll Make Your Dog Healthy and Happy

dog begging for treat portland pet food companyWhether they’re a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, your dog fills you with love every time they snuggle up on your lap or look up at you with puppy-dog eyes. this year, consider the ways you let your dog know that you love them back. 

Know what’s in their food, where it comes from and what nutrition they’re receiving.

You make an effort to eat healthy. You try your best to buy local, natural food. And you eat a variety of foods to get the nutrition you need. Why shouldn’t your dog do the same? With our new shelf-stable meal toppers, you can easily add variety and nutrients to your pet’s diet.

Lasting for up to two years, these easily transportable pouches can be heated in boiling water, microwaved or served without heating. Like all of our products, they’re 100% natural and made out of meat, vegetables, grains and rice that are fit for human consumption.

Portland Pet Food meals have also helped older dogs (like our poodle Rosie) live longer, happier lives by engaging them with new, fresh meals, meaning that you get to spend more time with your pet.

You should always make sure to check with your veterinarian about any diet changes. Introduce new foods slowly, so that your dog can accept them instead of suffering from food rejection symptoms that can occur, like an upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea.

Make active time a priority.

Not only does walking your dog make you healthier, it also allows your pooch to be happy and healthy! Dogs don’t just need exercise to stay at a healthy weight. It also reinforces their social skills around other humans and animals, plus strengthens your bond. It can

If you’re without a yard, make sure to schedule time to visit an off-leash dog park, so that your dog can run freely and explore. It’s in their instincts! Toys are always a great way to get your dog engaged, so whether it’s a ball, rope or stuffed animal, bring the right stuff for your pup!

Camping and hiking are also great activities to get your dog outdoors. With our shelf-stable meals, you can easily pack and feed your pup on the go. The packaging is all recyclable, so pack it out to make sure the outdoors stay clean for all two and four legged friends.

Make sure to monitor your dog’s activity level for over-exertion. Check for excessive panting, a slowed pace or other signs of fatigue. Extreme weather should be monitored

Surprise them with special treats!

Rewarding your pet for great behavior or just treating them to a special meal is always a great way to show you love them and appreciate their company. Whether it’s a brew biscuit every night or a special heated meal once a week, make time to give them some love. After all, they make us happier, healthier people all the time!

Dogs who are picky eaters love Portland Pet Food Company! We offer a variety of flavors of natural, healthy dog treats and natural, healthy dog food toppings, including gluten-free options. We also have a dog food subscription service available, which makes ordering easy!